Audinate updates Dante Domain Manager

Audinate has updated Dante Domain Manager with better diagnostics and usability, extended auto discovery for legacy devices and increased support for larger networks.

For larger Dante installations, customers can purchase expansion packs for the Platinum Edition to support up to 1,050 devices per instance of Dante Domain Manager. 
The automatic device discovery service that was introduced with 4.0 firmware devices, has been extended to legacy (pre-v4.0) devices. This makes it easier for products with and without the 4.0 firmware to co-exist in Dante Domain Manager.
A network diagnostics report provides visibility of basic network configuration via connectivity, DHCP, DNS and internet reachability tests.
It is available in the network and security settings and quickly shows if there are any fundamental configuration errors on the network. Users can now rename Dante domains without having to delete and recreate them. 

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