Audac updates Touch app with new features

Audac has announced the launch of its 2.7 update for its Touch app, allowing control of audio installations from one application.

The update includes a device list that allows users to see all devices that are located in an installation. The device list is now split into a device overview and a discovery page to avoid a long device list.

When accessing the discover page in Audac Touch, the application will automatically search for devices in the user’s network, providing an overview of all devices. Users can then decide which devices to add the device list.

The app now also enables grouped linked devices within the direct device, creating a cleaner and more organised appearance for the devoce ;ost/

On the saved page, you will see a handy overview of all the devices you have added to your account. To make the whole device discovery mode even easier AUDAC also introduced a search bar at the top of the saved page.

Additionally, a device probe feature is included. Probing is used when a user wants to physically change a device, searching for all devices with the same device type so update the Audac Touch database without manual alteration.

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