Audac shows MFA2xx amplifiers at ISE 2020

Audac is showing MFA2xx multi-functional amplifiers for small to medium sized installations at ISE 2020.

The all-in-one amplifier is compatible with Audac Touch 2 and has an integrated SourceCon input slot in the amplifier. The MFA series is available in output powers of 80 or 160 Watts.

Units are equipped with WaveDynamics audio processing technology that assists the set up and control of acoustic configurations. They offer the same interface as the SMA, SMQ, PMQ & XMP series and supports enhanced settings to be made on the front of the amplifier through a 2.5-in graphical display, or the import of configuration files from a USB.
MFA amplifiers offer RS232 & RS485 connection and an optional Dante expansion. Input options include a balanced Mic / Line input through a 3-Pin terminal block. The unbalanced stereo line input allows connection of any type of line level audio source while a SourceCon module slot makes it possible to integrate streaming services like Spotify or SoundtrackYourBrand, (internet) radio and other audio player modules directly into the MFA amplifier.

The MFA features a slim design in a compact tabletop mountable enclosure and 19-in installation brackets are offered as an option. 

Audac is exhibiting on stand 7-M190.

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