Audac releases 10 products including 8 new loudspeakers

Pro-audio manufacturer Audac has released 10 new products, including the launch of 8 loudspeaker types.

The first product is a new stereo active loudspeaker system, ARES5A is a dynamic loudspeaker pair combining an active and passive model and is housing the technology of 2 predecessors into one single product. High-quality components were used to construct this two-way loudspeaker, resulting in a 5 ¼-in woofer and a ½-in high-frequency tweeter. 

A dynamic power distribution of 2 x 40W is delivered thanks to the integrated amplifier. The loudspeaker features a stereo line input and a balanced terminal block connection, allowing convenient connection to any kind of audio source.

Audac has also announced the upcoming availability of its new VEXO series. The VEXO family consists of six models: VEXO110(A), VEXO112(A) and VEXO115(A) which are available both in active and passive versions. The low frequency transducer is combined with a 1.7-in voice coil compression driver, enabling high sound pressure levels and a tight driver response with rotatable 90° x 70° coverage pattern for a wide range of applications. 

Due to the driver composition, the VEXO110 achieves a program power handling of 600W, the VEXO112 achieves 800W while the biggest variant in the family, the VEXO115, reaches up to 1000W.  Impact resistance is guaranteed thanks to the 12 mm plywood cabinet construction with a polyurethane coating and a DuraCoat top surface. The front side of the VEXO is finished with a powder coated steel grill with acoustical foam, making the loudspeaker ball impact proof as well. 

Audac has also announced the upcoming availability of its new universal wall panel series, the WP2xx series. The series comes in 4 models, one of the 4 variants is the WP205, a tailored-made wall panel for the ARES5A. This controller allows plugging in a microphone via its XLR input as well as a line input source through a 3.5mm jack connection. The WP210 offers the same input possibilities but is a universal wall panel which means that this wall panel can be combined with a wide range of different devices. Another universal model is the WP220, which is equipped with an integrated version 5.0 Bluetooth receiver. By easily assigning custom names to each Bluetooth enabled wall panel any user can easily distinguish them from each other. 

While the WP225, all in one model of the series, contains a XLR input and line input in addition to the Bluetooth receiver that the WP220 is also equipped with. 

Due to the growing demand for audio in meeting rooms, class rooms, hotel rooms and many more applications, Audac has released the IMEO2 professional 3-way soundbar. It’s 3- way configuration in combination with a Class-D amplifier with integrated WaveSelect DSP processing ensures sound production with a low-frequency response. The speaker construction reaches a program handling of 120W and can handle both 110V as 220V power supply.

Due to its frequent use in hotel rooms, Audac has given its soundbar the Hotel mode Function. For installations with multiple IMEO’s throughout the building, it can be very useful to assign custom Bluetooth ID’s to distinguish them from each other. This function allows you to name you IMEO after the hotel room the soundbar has been installed in.

The WP2xx series will be available at the end of Q3 2021.

The IMEO2 professional 3-way soundbar is now available.

The VEXO series will be available Q3 of 2021.

The WP2xx series will be available at the end of Q3 2021.



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