Audac networked amp offers Dante or AES67 options

Pro audio manufacturer Audac has released the AMP203, a networked mini stereo amplifier that connects via Dante or AES67.

The 2 x 30W amplifier incorporates DSP functionalities. It can be configured via Audac Touch 2, RS485 and Ethernet. The output connector has been implemented using a 4-pin terminal block connector, featuring an output power of 30W per channel and 60W when bridged.

The AMP203’s TouchLink technology supports the creation of virtual zones by linking multiple TouchLink compatible devices such as the AMP203 with each other. In Audac Touch 2 users can select the devices or amplifier channels that should react to the user as one zone. A PoE injector can be used so the AMP203 is connected and powered using only one CAT cable. 

Once connected to the network, Audac Touch 2 will automatically discover a new device and offer an overview of an entire installation. The AMP203 will be compatible with all versions starting from Audac Touch 2.2.2

It is housed in a convection cooled enclosure. Optional mounting brackets are available including the MBS1xx series, which allow it to be mounted under a desk, in a closet, on the wall, on top of a dropped ceiling or in a 19-in equipment rack. The AMP203 is suited to compact to medium-sized applications in corporate, hospitality or retail environments. 

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