Audac launches subwoofer and speaker

AUTHOR: Inavate

Audac has updated its FX series with the launch of the FX1.18 subwoofer and FX3.15 three way speaker system.

The FX1.18 is a high-output, horn-loaded bass cabinet, which is designed as a part of the unique and versatile FX series system. It includes an 18” woofer, achieving a maximum power of 1600 Watt. In combination with the FX3.15 three way speaker system, including a 15” horn-loaded Mid-Bass driver, 6” loaded mid speaker and 1.75” PEEK (Polyether ether ketone) compression driver.

Its compact enclosures are weatherproof with a scratch resistant DuraCoat textured finish. Its integrated metal rigging frame allows easy and secure rigging, allowing multiple cabinets to be rigged together. With its MBK302S flying system, all FX cabinets can be securely mounted to any type of ceiling or supporting structure.

Typical applications for AUDAC’s modular FX1.18 and FX3.15 are sports venues, community and cultural centres and theatres.