Audac launches ALTI series loudspeakers

Audac has introduced its ALTI range of loudspeakers, designed for installations in applications with open architectures, high ceilings and more.

The series includes the ALTI4 and ALTI6 pendant style loudspeakers, designed for background and foreground music applications with open architectures and high ceilings. The loudspeakers include an internal 70V/100V transformer with a 16 Ohm bypass, capable of being mounted through a connection cable with two integrated steel cores for suspending with an additional drop safety.

The loudspeakers can be fixed through two snap-hooks on one end and a dual Gripple fixation on the opposite end with a cable length of 3.5 metres.

A rear cover of the speaker can be placed after installation to hide connection and suspension points on the speaker end, with the ceiling end connections covered through a cable cover.

The series is also comprised of two wall or ceiling mounted variants, the ALTI4M and ALTI6M loudspeakers, which feature a die-cast mounting bracket to allow for the same audio system design throughout an entire installation. The loudspeakers ship with an IP65 rated ABS enclosure with an AWX5 connector for use in adverse weather conditions.

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