Audac introduces ALTI pendant and design sound projectors

Audac has confirmed the ALTI series of two-way pendant loudspeakers are now in stock.

The ALTI range is designed for background and foreground music applications with open architectures and high ceilings like big-scale retail environments, warehouses and other large open spaces.

The wide opening angle of the speaker guarantees an exceptional dispersion in all different kinds of applications and locations with high ceilings and large open spaces. The carefully matched components and construction guarantee optimal coverage over the entire frequency range.

The ALTI series' connection cable, steel suspension and safety wire are all stored in one single outer jacket. Fixation is made through two snap hooks on one end and a Dual Gripple locking system on the other end.

The included cable length of 3.5 metres offers a variety of ceiling heights.  

A rotary selector switch located behind the rear cover selects the setting between low impedance and 70V/100V use, while adjustments in tappings are easily made, even after already installed and connected.

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