Atlona to unveil Velocity control platform at ISE 2017

Atlona is to introduce Velocity at ISE 2017 in Amsterdam. Velocity is an AV system control platform for Atlona and third-party products in commercial AV environments ranging from individual meeting rooms to an entire campus or enterprise.

Velocity Control System allows fast, agile AV system configuration and deployment, and centralised management for multiple clients and site installations.

It also features a cloud and premise-based system architecture with scalability up to 500 room systems or more, as well as full redundancy capability that prevents AV control downtime in any room.

Velocity is comprised of three distinct elements that work together as a single, unified platform: Velocity Control Suite, Velocity Control Gateway, and Velocity Touch Panels.

The Velocity Control Suite is a cloud-based service and centralised resource for integrators to create and manage their AV control projects by client, client sites, and specific locations such as rooms.

An integrator accesses the Velocity Control Suite through a standard web browser from any location worldwide. No compiling or device uploading is necessary and configurations can be duplicated across devices, rooms, and sites.

The Velocity Control Gateway is a software-based control processor that resides on-site with the client’s AV systems. It is configured and managed remotely through the Velocity Control Suite. Atlona offers the Velocity Control Gateway as a server appliance that can interface with up to 500 devices. For enterprise-wide scalability, a software license of Velocity Control Gateway is also available for hosting on IT server infrastructure, with the capability to serve up to 5,000 devices.

Velocity Control Gateway features an IP-based system architecture that allows full redundancy in facilities with two gateways in operation, one serving as the primary and the other as a backup. This keeps AV control running continuously in all rooms, preventing disruption and user frustration.

For user interaction with AV systems, Atlona offers Velocity Touch Panels in 5.5-in and 8-in screen sizes. Additionally, the Velocity Control System allows BYOD integration with tablets, smartphones, and laptops, as well as PC desktops and touch displays.

The web-based GUIs are automatically generated by the Velocity Control Suite, and accessible to the touch panels or BYOD user devices through the Velocity Control Gateway.

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