Atlona long-distance USB extender kit now shipping

Atlona has debuted its AT-USB-EX100-KIT USB extender kit, supporting the transmission of USB 2.0 data up to 100 metres over a single category-type twisted pair cable.

The USB-EX100-KIT allows point-to-point extension for USB 2.0 devices, working with popular video conferencing platforms including Zoom and Microsoft Teams, extending USB signals between an interactive touchscreen display and an instructor’s laptop or from a USB camera at the back of a room to a lecture capture system. 

The extender kit includes transmitter and receiver endpoints, with the receiver featuring four USB type A ports for peripheral devices. The transmitter provides two ports for peripherals and one USB type B interface for connection to a host computer. 

Brackets are also included to allow for locally powered devices to be mounted in furniture, behind displays or above projectors. 

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