Atlona expands OmniStream AV over IP capabilities

Atlona has announced a firmware update to its OmniStream AV over IP platform, scheduled for release in late September, enhancements include 4K and HDR compatibility, videowall processing, HDCP 2.2 compliance, and AES67 audio over IP interoperability.

One new feature is the addition of high-performance encoding and decoding of UHD @ 60 Hz 4:4:4. This will be available as an optional licensed upgrade for the OmniStream 111 (AT-OMNI-111) single-channel encoder, but will be standard with the OmniStream 112 (AT-OMNI-112) dual-channel encoder as well as the OmniStream single and dual-channel decoders (AT-OMNI-121 and AT-OMNI-122).

The firmware upgrade also adds support for HDR formats, including HDR10. In particular, the OmniStream platform will now handle 4K @ 60 Hz with 4:2:0 chroma subsampling, 10-bit colour, and HDR, making it compatible with Ultra HD Blu-ray, streaming media players and other emerging consumer video sources that deliver HDR content.

The OmniStream product family consists of five products that integrate and distribute 4K/UHD video, audio, and RS-232 control over a standard Gigabit Ethernet network with off-the-shelf switches. This enterprise-grade network platform also offers levels of system redundancy and failover, AES-128 encryption, forward error correction, and other measures for reliable, secure IP content distribution.

HDCP 2.2 compliance adheres to the latest specification for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP), and is backwards compatible with older HDCP 1.x compliant devices, if permitted by the source content. HDCP 2.2 compliance also ensures integration with new and forthcoming sources and displays.

The upcoming OmniStream firmware update will also allow encoded video to be delivered to an array of videowall displays, regardless of size. Additionally, the newly expanded videowall processing capabilities include bezel compensation and image rotation, as well as frame-accurate synchronisation between decoders.

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