Atlona debuts Avance series 4K HDMI extender

Atlona has launched its Avance series of HDBaseT extender kits, with five models available to extend distance video distribution.

Four models can transmit 4K/UHD 60Hz 4:2:0 video up to 40 metres or 1080p 60Hz video up to 70 metres over category 6A/7 twisted pair cable. 

The fifth model is capable of transmitting 4K 60Hz 4:2:0 video over longer distances up to 100 metres. 

The range consists of the AT-AVA-EX70 2PS-KIT, a 40m 4K/UHD extender kit with locally powered transmitter and receiver, the AT-AVA-EX70-KIT 40m 4K/UHD extender kit with remote power, with the receiver powered by the transmitter over HDBaseT. 

The AT-AVA-EX70C-KIT is also available, a 40m 4K/UHD extender kit with remote power and bi-directional extension of RS-232 and IR control signals. 

The AT-AVA-EX70C-BP-KIT 40m 4K/UHD extender kit is also available with RS-232 and IR control, with bi-directional remote power which allows power to be supplied by either the transmitter or receiver. 

The AT-AVA-EX100CE-BP-KIT 100m 4K/UHD extender kit features Ethernet, RS-232 and IR control as well as bi-directional remote power. 

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