AtlasIED launches sound masking speaker

AtlasIED has updated its M1000 lineup with the M1000A35 sound masking speaker, providing 30 watts of power to drive additional passive speakers.

The active/powered M1000A35 supports a self-contained sound masking system, with an internal 5W amplifier and 30W output to power additional M1000 passive speakers. 

A non-repeatable pink noise generator is included, using EQ curves for acoustical room calibrations. 

A GPIO control port is included to allow for remote level adjustments, with the M1000A35 speaker allowing designers to specify fewer power drops for sound masking, with scalability to accommodate flexible office environments. 

The optional AtlasIED Atmasksc device allows for remote 1dB precision level adjustments, preventing the masking system from being turned off accidentally. 

The M1000A35 operates from 100V-240V with a UL2043 plenum-rating and CE safety-certification. 

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