Aten's flagship videowall processor debuts

Aten International, a provider of KVM and AV/IT connectivity and management products, has released its flagship videowall processor series.

The ATEN Flagship Video Wall Processor Series showcases true 4K hardware-centric design, ensuring high security and stability.

Its videowall processor is distinguished by its capability to deliver HDMI sources up to 4K@60 4:4:4, supporting up to 16 real-time videos and providing image quality without delay or frame loss.

The series’ Canvas function supports the display of up to four independent screens, each canvas customisable for window management, and offers overlay window management with pixel clarity. These capabilities allow controllers to display, switch, and arrange data on high-resolution, zero-latency screens during emergencies, facilitating swift and accurate decision-making.

Designed for high-stake environments such as transportation hubs, security operations, control rooms, broadcasting centers, educational institutions, and exhibitions, ATEN's Flagship Video Wall Processor Series provides 4K@60 HD visualisation that improves content visualisation. It simplifies the interpretation of complex data, thereby enhancing decision-making and collaboration across multiple sectors.

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