Aten Unizon software manages matrix deployments

Aten Technology has launched Aten Unizon, server-based software that allows AV/IT professionals to manage, monitor and control Aten modular matrixes and video matrixes in real time.

Once Aten Unizon is installed on the client server, users can access the software remotely through Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge/Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and other mainstream web browsers. It allows AV/IT administrators to perform common tasks and schedule tasks by batch using a grouping function.  It will notify users of abnormal events and allow them to review the system logs of devices monitored by the platform.

Features include device condition monitoring, condition detection, alerts and notifications, system log, global control and scheduling, device group control, event scheduling, firmware upgrade, access and locations management, device location tree, floor view, room view, and user roles and access levels.

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