Aten launches 4-port USB boundless KM switch

Aten has announced its 4-port USB Boundless KM Switch (CS724KM). Designed to simplify administrative tasks, save space, and increase work productivity in multi-monitor extended desktop environments, the switch is suitable for multitasking applications across all industries.

The 4-port USB Boundless KM Switch requires no user intervention to switch USB signals from computer to computer – users move the mouse from screen to screen. Users can control up to four computers with a single keyboard and mouse, or daisy-chain two switches, enabling control of up to eight computers from a single console.
A key feature of the switch is ATEN’s Boundless Switching technology, which enables users to switch between multiple computers in multi-monitor extended desktops by simply moving the mouse cursor across any of the display borders in any direction to instantly select the target computer and take full control.

The Boundless Switching function supports extended desktops with up to eight monitors when two switches are daisy-chained, speeding up switching between computers for a smooth and hassle-free user experience. In addition to making multitasking across multiple displays more efficient, this function is especially useful in emergencies that necessitate the immediate monitoring and management of computers.
The 4-port USB Boundless KM Switch also provides an intuitive GUI-based configuration utility that allows users to customise their mouse cursor movement paths according to the specific monitor layout at the desktop or workstation. The configuration tool is compatible with Windows operating systems.

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