ATEN introduces PG series 3-Phase eco PDUs

ATEN has launched the PG series 3-Phase eco PDUs suitable for server rack installations requiring energy-efficient power distribution to high-density applications in server rooms.

ATEN’s PG series 3-Phase eco PDUs, features an ARM Cortex-A8 processor to maintain system uptime in data centres with optimised sustainability. With up to 64 PDU units cascaded via network connections, rack power management is made effective with space, cost, and connectivity efficiency.

To create an environmentally-friendly and sustainable deployment in data centres or sever rooms, ATEN’s PG Series eco PDUs are purposed to enable lower energy consumption for best practices in a network infrastructure with the built-in energy-saving relays – a subtype of an electromagnetic switch – so controlling a large amount of current flow becomes easy while promoting up to 70.65 kg (131.4 kWh equivalent of power consumption) of reduced CO2 emission, and reduced electricity expenses to pay each year. 


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