Aten announces Bosch digital congress network integration

Aten Technology has announced that its Pro AV and KVM products will be integrated with Bosch’s Digital Congress Network (DCN) conference system to allow for custom build meeting technology.

The Aten control systems, such as the VK2100 control box, VK1100 compact control box, VK224 4-port serial expansion box and VK6000 configurator software will integrate with Bosch’s Dicentis, DCN and CCS1000D digital discussion systems, with Aten devices able to manage meeting systems through ‘one touch’ operation. 

The integration allows for the activation status of all microphones to be displayed on the control system interface with priority speakers’ microphone priority settings able to be enabled. 

The speaker’s microphone can also be turned off using the Aten devices, with the indication of the status of awaiting speakers able to be monitored alongside microphone sensitivity. 

Aten’s systems will also be able to integrate with third-party equipment, becoming capable of tracking a speaker’s movement with conference cameras, enabling adjustment of AV settings according to meeting scenarios and allowing for integration and automation of environmental equipment such as lighting, air conditioning and curtains. 

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