Aten adds extenders to KVM over IP matrix system

Aten has added two products to its KVM over IP matrix system: the KE8950 4K HDMI single display KVM over IP extender and the KE8952 4K HDMI single display KVM over IP Extender with PoE.

The products help bring 4K video to command and control centres requiring flexible workstations. The matrix system combines KVM over IP Extenders with KE matrix management software (CCKM) to extend, control and monitor access to computers across an independent network. It is suited to use in broadcasting, control centres, multimedia, manufacturing and industries where matrix extending is required.

Aten’s extenders remove distance restrictions of control room management, to extend a computer’s KVM console over a LAN by connecting to a network. All KE series support unlimited distances via Cat 5e/6 over a LAN, while the KE8950/KE8952 also supports connectivity via an SFP fibre optic transceiver module over an optical Ethernet network.

They offer video Ultra High Definition (UHD) video quality up to 3840x2160 @ 30HZ at 36-bit colour depth.

The KE matrix management software (CCKM) allows users to define connections and manage KE series extenders over a network with a web based GUI. The administrators can set three permission types: Admin, Super User and User.

Instant switching between different video resolutions is provided. The native video wall functionality allows users to create multiple video walls with up to eight-by-eight displays in each layout in various configurations.

The extenders use AES-128 bit encryption to secure data before transmission over a network and then decrypts the data on the receiver.

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