Astera debuts colour-tuneable LED bulb

Astera has unveiled its Nyx colour-tuneable for film, stage and event productions, including a CRMX receiver for wireless DMX as well as RF and Bluetooth modules for control via the Astera app on a smartphone or tablet.

The Nyx bulb can be powered via an E27 socket or with a standard power bank. The Nyx bulb is also capable of operating as an Astera light source with external battery options. 

A Titan LED engine is included which emits 750 lumens, with an RGB + mint + amber LED engine which allows sources to be mixed and matched, offering CRI and TLCI at 96-98 and 3200 to 6500 degrees Kelvin. 

The bulb’s tuneable white range varies from 1750 – 20,000K with a full range of gel filter numbers able to be reproduced. 

The control options include inbuilt LumenRadio wireless DMX which can be run via lighting consoles as well as the Astera app. 

Control includes inbuilt LumenRadio wireless DMX which can be run via any lighting console, as well as more locally from the quick and intuitive Astera App.

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