ASL showcasing new products at ISE 2018

ASL is showcasing the Vipedia-Pro range of EN54 PAVA equipment with Dante and the INTEGRA all-in-one PA/VA system at ISE 2018.

Vipedia-Pro uses the Brooklyn Dante implementation from Audinate to bring together strands of EN54 and pro-audio performance via Dante. By enabling Dante within an EN54 environment, ASL offers products to large-scale projects whereby an EN54 core solution is enhanced through the inclusion of pro-audio processing, control and advanced mixing, with secure transmission and fault tolerance.

Integra, a wall-mounted member of the the Vipedia product family, forms a single-box, EN54 compliant PA/VA system. Integra is designed with a modular approach and builds upon the proven technology of ASL’s D-series transformer-less amplifiers and Vipedia DSP.

ASL will showcase the new products in two presentations on Thursday 8 February with colleagues from ASL’s overseas distribution partners. The presentations will highlight two recently completed large-scale projects using the new products. The presentations will be followed by Q&A sessions from the floor.

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