Ashly's Digimix24 digital mixer gets control app and firmware update

Ashly digiMIX24’s latest firmware update (v4.3) includes two improvements in functionality: AutoMix and Crossfade Mode. AutoMix gain sharing allows for applications where multiple microphones are active and used simultaneously. Crossfade Mode is a simple solution for engineers that require a live transition/crossfade operation between two selectable sources (mono or stereo mixer channels).

Other improvements include Intelligent Meter Bridge, in addition to showing all the fader positions it now also shows Mute Status per channel. The Stereo Channel Link function has been enhanced, providing more flexibility in routing and independent panning.

Ashly digiMIX control app has been updated to version 4.3 to support all new features and is available for download at the iTunes app store.

This firmware update is available now and can be found at

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