Ashly Audio updates AquaControl software with ducking features

Ashly Audio’s AquaControl software has been updated with an upgrade to its ducking feature on the mXa-1502 integrated mixer amp, assigning ducking parameters to the source rather than the ducked program.

Priority source control allows different trigger sources to control the ducked program in a variety of ways, with a new hold parameter capable of being adjusted in one second intervals up to 60 seconds. This feature allows the ducked program at the assigned ducking depth after the trigger source is removed, allowing the adjustable ramped return to begin after the hold period ends.

Independent ducker assignment is also included to allow adding or removing of input channels from the ducking hierarchy, allowing users to interpret the relevant settings by eliminating unneeded data.

The ducking ramp has also been improved to use a dynamic range of 100dB in 1dB increments.


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