ARX Systems ships Blue DI Bluetooth Direct Box for audio

ARX Systems, an Australian designer and manufacturer of digital and analogue interfaces as well as signal processing units, is now shipping its Blue DI Bluetooth direct box.

The Blue DI, part of the AudiBox range of tools, is a professional interface for smartphones, tablets and computers. It features 44.1& 48 Khz sample rates at 32 bits, is compatible with Bluetooth Version V2.1 EDR, 3.0 and 4.0, can be powered by +48VDC phantom power from a mixing consoleor an external DC PSU and features industry standard balanced left and right line level XLR outputs.

Essentially the Blue DI provides a wireless method for connecting the plethora of Bluetooth enabled devices to the balanced line professional audio world via Bluetooth. Low noise and distortion circuitry as well as electronically balanced XLR outputs are also part of the package.

"Smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth enabled devices have rapidly become the program source of convenience for corporate AV presentations, seminars, musicians, DJs, entertainment venues, system demonstrations and testing, and many other audio playback applications,"says ARX's Managing Director Colin Park. The Blue DI is intended to target these applications and provide them a wireless method of playing audio from smart devices.

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