Arthur Holm expands Dynamic 2 monitors

Arthur Holm has expanded its Dynamic 2 monitors with new sizes and announced the Dynamic 3 range that allows the incorporation of a keyboard and mouse.

The company has added a 17" HD screen to the Dynamic 2 range that includes higher performance AHnet software and allows the speed of elevation and retraction to be regulated remotely. Groups of monitors can also be controlled.

ERT interfaces allow both the control and the remote diagnosis of the Dynamic product range and facilitate the installation and the maintenance of meetings and conference rooms.

Other new sizes include 12 and 15" widescreen.

The Dynamic 3 range allows the incorporation of keyboard and mouse which appear and disappear in the interior of the work surface by pressing a button. The screen can work both in vertical as in horizontal mode and allows a rotation of 180 degrees.

Dynamic 3 minimises the depth of the mechanism that can be very easily integrated. The screen can be rotated 180 degrees, facilitating the share of the information and it can be folded into the desk both with the screen upwards and downwards. In the last case, the back of the screen can covered with leather, wood or any other type of material to obtain a uniform desk finish.

It is available in manual and motorised versions.

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