Artel set to launch video compression module

Artel Video Systems will introduce a video compression module – the DLC610 - at IBC2013 in Amsterdam.

It compresses HD-SDI into JPEG2000 then encapsulates the video, audio, and all ancillary data into a MPEG-2 TS transport stream and industry standard DVB-ASI.

The DLC610, which is user configurable as an encoder or decoder, uses the intoPIX compression core to compress the video to an 80Mb/s to 180Mb/s JPEG2000 stream. Using a newly developed standard, the DLC610 combines compressed video with audio and ancillary data into a MPEG-2 TS transport stream, and finally encapsulates it into DVB-ASI. The resulting stream can then be transported over fiber links, Ethernet, and optical networks for decoding and delivery by a DLC610 or any other industry standard JPEG2000 decoder.

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