Artcoustic Launches the New Spitfire Venue Loudspeaker

The Spitfire Venue, Artcoustic’s latest loudspeaker is the most powerful full range model in the companies range. Designed specifically for demanding commercial applications, it weighs in at less than 10 kilos.

Depending on the use of the model or décor of the room, the speakers can be placed so that they blend in harmoniously with the surroundings. With the unique interchangeable screen options, one can choose how the speakers look so they will always complement rather than conflict with the interior design.

“Our strength is that we are one of the only high end loudspeaker companies in the world that have the skills and expertise to produce compact speakers that achieve high performance and are aesthetically pleasing in design ”, stated Kim Donvig, CEO, Artcoustic.

These loudspeakers make it ideal for use anywhere where aesthetics is crucial and is the perfect solution for all high end commercial settings. These big sounding speakers are the only choice for bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, corporate boardrooms, professional/commercial cinemas and recording and film studios.

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