Arista launches remote KVM touch display

Arista has introduced the ADM-2121BP remote KVM HDBaseT display, featuring integrated HDBaseT receiver and video scaler technology.

It is suited to use as a remote computer terminal in a range of applications, including public display terminals such as membership sign-up stations or infotainment systems as well as control terminals for manufacturing plants or production lines.

It has a single Cat6 cable connection that includes power and can display remote video content up to a distance of 100m from the connected computer or video source. The KVM HDBaseT display features a 21.5-in LCD display with 1920 x 1080 resolution, offers touchscreen support with up to 10 points multi-touch, along with USB ports for a keyboard, mouse, and other USB devices. Cat6 LAN cables feature a locking connector and can be field-terminated.

The ADM-2121BP has a flush bezel design and can be used in medical facilities and as gym infotainment stations. It does not have ventilation holes so is also suited to manufacturing plants, production lines, and other harsh, dusty environments. The ADM-2121BP enables the computing platform to be separated from the display.

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