Arista announces E-Vocal Duo+ AoIP range

Arista Corporation has unveiled its E-Vocal Duo+ range of audio over IP products, including three models: the ARS-0202-A00 analogue audio to Dante to analogue audio interface, the ARS-2020-A11 dual XLR microphone to Dante interface and the ARS-0202-B11 dual XLR microphone to Dante interface, including an SFP connector fibre interface.

The E-Vocal Duo+ ARS-0202-A00 can facilitate two channels of analogue audio input, able to be integrated into a Dante network and convert a Dante stream into two channels of analogue audio output signal. The interface also includes an RJ45 copper network interface. 

The ARS-2020-A11 and E-Vocal Duo+ ARS-2020-B11 are both dual XLR microphone to Dante interfaces, featuring two audio signal outputs that enable lip-sync delay  to synchronise the audio stream to the video stream, with both units featuring a built-in web-based controller for microphone gain control and lip-sync delay control. 

The ARS-2020-A11 is equipped with an RJ45 copper network interface, with the ARS-2020-B11 featuring an SFP connector for fibre interface. 
The ARS-0202-A00 and ARS-2020-A11 can be powered via PoE or 12VDC, with the ARS-2020-B11 interface being powered by 12VDC. 

Lockable XLR and etherCON connectors are included for both audio and network connections, with each model featuring a rubber protection shell and rackmount brackets as optional items. 

The Dante-enabled range is AES67 compliant, uses 24-bit analogue to digital conversion as well as dual power input options including a PoE switch, PoE injector or DC 12V. 

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