APG launches Live Manager software

APG, a French manufacturer of professional loudspeakers has unveiled its Live Manager software.

A result of the combined work of both the Active Audio and APG R&D teams, the new APG Live Manager remote control and monitoring software allows the user to control the entire APG range of products, from the DMS26 and DMS48 external processors to the DA50:4 and DA15:4 DSP amplifiers.
APG Live Manager allows the user to work offline in order to remotely prepare for any type of projec and perform a number of background tasks from loading the loudspeaker presets to working on grouping functions.

The functionalities of APG Live Manager are divided into three main areas: a configuration mode for the preparation and installation phase; a setting mode for configuration; and a control mode for live usage.
The software is already available on Windows and Mac devices, while a tablet version will be made available in 2018.

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