APG debuts its first amplifiers

APG will offer its first own-branded amplifiers at ProLight + Sound 2013. The SA20:2 and SA30:2 are both dual channel, class D switch-mode amplifiers.

The SA20:2 delivers 1950W into 4 Ohms per channel or 3900W into 8 Ohms (bridged) while the more powerful SA30:2 delivers a meaty 2600W into 4 Ohms per channel and 5200W into 8 Ohms (bridged). 

Providing there is sufficient headroom, both amplifiers are capable of working under a 2 Ohm load if necessary. 

APG will also showcase the DMS48 digital signal processor and loudspeaker controller, as well as the MX0 5” coaxial speaker.

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