Apex updates dBQ-zero EQ

Apex will show off a new version of its dBQ-zero EQ at London’s PLASA show in September. The new product has improved inter-channel crosstalk and THD+N figures.

The product matches its predecessor in terms of its 30-band constant-Q graphic EQ section on each channel, plus a filter section consisting of high-pass filter, high and low shelving equalisers and two notch filters.

Apex also implemented updated line drive circuitry to improve load stability.

The dbQ-zero features a new design of chassis to boost ruggedness, as well as a new user interface. Two 10-segment LED level indicators, each with dedicated signal and clip LEDs, offer improved peak meter stability at low frequencies.

The unit offers XLR, 1/4" jack and screw terminal connections per channel. These are all electronically balanced, and bypass relays are also provided in the event of loss of power.

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