Apart Revamp amps on show

Apart will show off Revamp, its series of power amplifiers, at ISE 2014. The series comprises five models with a uniform design.

Revamp consists of two 2-channel models, a 16-channel unit and two 4-channel amplifiers. All units are designed to have as few as possible front-controls and pre-defined settings.

The Revamp2250 offers 2 x 250 watt output power at 4 ohms and is bridgeable (1 x 500 watts @ 8 ohms. 

Revamp2600 provides 2 x 600 watt output at 4 ohms, Revamp1680 delivers 16 x 18 watts at eight ohms and is bridgeable to 8 x 160 watts @ 8 ohms and Revamp4120T and Revamp4240T offer 4 x 120watt and 4 x 240 watt respectively.

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