Apart Audio adds 4 models to Revamp range

Apart Audio has added four models to its Revamp range of power amplifiers, each with a galvanic separated toroidal output transformer built in to avert external influences and disturbances.

Each  model has its own specifications targeting every angle of the fixed install market.

The REVAMP4100 is a professional digital 4-channel amplifier with Class-D power amplifier modules inside. The unit has extended loudspeaker and amp protection circuits inside for DC protect, over current protect, over temperature protect and protection against input overload.  The REVAMP4100 amplifier has 4 individual amplifier channels but can be bridged into 2 stereo channels or even a 2.1 sound system.

The REVAMP2060T is a professional 2-channel digital power amplifier with 2 x 60 watts output power @ 100 volts or @ 4 ohms, that can be bridged into a 120 watts @ 100 volts or 8 ohms single amplifier.
The REVAMP1120T offers 1 x 120 watts output power @ 100 volts (or @ 4 ohms). Convection-cooled and excluded from cooling fans this amplifier is maintenance-free, silent and dust-free.

The REVAMP2120T 2-channel digital power amplifier provides 2 x 120 watts output power @ 100 volts or @ 4 ohms, which can be bridged into a powerful 240 watts @ 100 volts or 8 ohm single amplifier.

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