AO Technology launches AO Drones ’˜Light Experiences’

​AO Technology has launched its new division, AO Drones, using AO Drones’ software for entertainment applications.

Marco Niedermeier, AO producer said “AO Drones offers our clients full-service 3D pre-visualisation using 3D design software and 3D video rendering, plus we have a global network of trained pilots, creatives and technicians who can work with our clients.”

The drones can carry video tiles, lighting and mirrors and can be deployed individually or in groups of varying sizes, including swarms, interacting and responding to other elements of a production including audio, lighting and video.

Each drone includes high-brightness LED surfaces and ‘real-time’ monitoring during operation as standard.

AO Drones’ mission control software allows for the creation of geo-fenced boundaries to keep drones in pre-determined operating areas throughout usage.

The drones’ flight time ranges up to 20 minutes, with the system able to pinpoint accuracy of formations with up to 1cm tolerance at speed.

Training for drone ‘pilots’ is also available from AO Drones.

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