Antycip brings together software partners at ITEC

Antycip Simulation will exhibit at ITEC, a European military simulation event held May 16 to 18, 2017 at Rotterdam Ahoy, the Netherlands.

The company will partner with simulation software partners on its four-section booth (17C) that looks at multi-domain battle encompassing land, air, sea, cyber, space and electronic domains.
Antycip is VT MAK’s exclusive partner in Europe and will launch the company’s VR Engage system to the European market at the show. VR Engage is an extensible system and can be customised by systems integrators.
VR Engage automates elements of the simulation and allows, at key points, human interaction to take over. When the personal interaction, which also serves to make the training more real, is no longer required, the trainers can revert that element of the simulation to automatic mode so that new tasks can be picked up.
VT MAK’s full range of simulation software solutions for the land, air and sea domains will also be on show. Antycip will demonstrate the ability to interface products from all the other partners on the stand with the VT MAK products.
RT Dynamics will demonstrate hi-fidelity, specific-model, aircraft and payload simulation for training. CM Labs’ Vortex physics engine will simulate driving real vehicles as well as other elements such as towing and pulling.
Scalable Network Technologies will demonstrate software that simulates and emulates communication networks and cyber-attacks on those networks, while a range of simulation solutions from AGI address the space and electronic domains.

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