Angekis launches Blade VS camera

Angekis has released an upgrade to its Blade model, featuring HD image quality and a 10x optical zoom.

 The Blade VS camera features a 62.5 degrees field of view and a USB 2.0 video output, allowing for the Blade VS to connect to a PC or laptop.

Blade VS is also compatible with a variety of soft conferencing applications, including Zoom, BlueJeans, Skype for Business and Cisco Webex.

Angekis’ FlexiControl system is included, allowing users to control the camera via different mediums. The FlexiControl system allows the device to be controlled over Visca via USB2.0 and RS232.

ZoomRoom remote RF controller support is included, allowing the Blade VS to be controlled in Zoom Rooms applications.

The Blade VS has also been fitted with Dynamic Startup, allowing users to preset the camera’s start up position, moving to the user’s desired position as soon as it is switched on.

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