Anevia to debut NEA-CDN 5 cloud-native content delivery network at IBC 2019

Anevia will unveil its NEA-CDN 5 cloud-native content delivery network system in Europe.

The NEA-CDN 5 allows users to scale OTT services by adding CDN to existing network infrastructure, designed specifically for video streaming.

The content delivery network reduces network load by caching user requests and content to form a shield, protecting origin servers from multiple requests.

The NEA-CDN 5 is orchestrated through the Kubernetes container management system, allowing user to scale services up and down by using virtual machine hosts over an internal or external cloud infrastructure, able to be accessed through the Kubernetes cluster and being available on most public clouds as well as the NEA-CDN 5 configuration.

The content delivery network system can be distributed geographically to cover multiple territories, able to be associated with a NEA-CDN balancer to allow for large session amounts to be handled.

IBC 2019 will run from 13-17 September 2019 at the RAI Amsterdam. 

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