Analog Way upgrades VIO 4K converter

Analog Way VIO 4K stack

Analog Way has announced the release of the upgraded version of VIO 4K, featuring Artis scaling technology.

Analog Way’s Artis up/down scaling engine can scale an image up to 4K or zoom on to a specific part of an image, and has been designed to provide ultra-low processing latency. Artis offers three sharpness levels for operators to choose from. Any existing VIO 4K device can be upgraded to firmware revision 1.20.19 to access Artis.

The manufacturer has also enhanced VIO to offer loop-through for DVI, HD15 and HDMI inputs and the possibility to import or export a configuration. The loop-mode can now be enabled on the HD15, DVI or HDMI output plug, turning it into an unscaled loop-through of the corresponding input. It also allows a local monitor to be connected or a video signal to be routed to another device. Through the loop mode, the same content can be processed simultaneously by multiple devices.

Operators can additionally import and export the partial or full configuration of the device with VIO 4K, including all settings and presets, by choosing which categories to export. Exporting or importing the device configuration can be achieved either directly from the front panel or the Web RCS – performed from the device’s internal storage, a USB key or the user’s computer disk.