Analog Way unveils Smart Edge

Analog Way unveiled Smart Edge, a high-resolution seamless switcher with dual output edge blending, at InfoComm Asia.

Analog Way will ship Smart Edge in first quarter 2011.

Smart Edge offers ten universal analogue inputs including two fitted with DVI and two fitted with HD-SDI. It outputs digital and analogue signals in SDI, DVI and VGA (RGBHV). Smart Edge offers a selection of many formats from HDTV to Computer 2K will enable you to match the resolution of your display device.

Smart Edge can be used to create wide blended screens either horizontally or vertically. One unit will handle two video projectors. Multi-screen edge blending can be achieved by linking up to three Smart Edge units, resulting in a panoramic image with up to six video projectors without loss of synchronisation.

In addition, Smart Edge offers true seamless transitions with cut, fade, wipe, slide. A down stream keying function is available to add title.

Smart Edge can be controlled from a front panel; RK-300, TRK-800, Axion2 and Orchestra remote consoles; and from the Analog Way computer software provided with the unit. Equipped with TCP/IP and RS232, Smart Edge can be updated with new features and functions improving its lifetime.

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