Analog Way releases LivePremier 4K/8K live presentation systems

Analog Way has unveiled its LivePremier 4K/8K live presentation systems, using v1.o LivePremier software.

The LivePremier series includes four pre-configured products, the Aquilon RS1, RS2, RS3 and RS4 as well as two customizable models, the Aquilon C and C+. 

The LivePremier series offers 4K digital connectivity, real-time 10/12-bit 4:4:4 video processing power, with 4K60p on each input and output with low latency. 

The series also features audio embedding/de-embedding as well as native Dante audio routing and up to 120-megapixel throughput at a 10-bit 60Hz. 

The modular design of the LivePremier series allows for swapping of I/O cards to accommodate a selection of connectivity arrangements including fibre optics and single cable 8K. 

The Aquilon can accommodate up to 24x 4K60 inputs and 20x 4K60 outputs, configurable as single screens, edge-blended widescreens or scaled auxiliary outputs with two dedicated Multiviewer outputs and up to 24x 4K assignable layers. 

The LivePremier series also features a new HTML5-based user interface, with options for future applications such as HDR and 8K. 

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