Analog Way releases Di-VentiX II

Analog Way has introduced Di-VentiX II, a multi-layer mixer, scaler and seamless switcher with keying that features an edge blending system with four scalers.

In multi layer mixer mode, the product uses one output as a preview and the other for the audience. It can display up to six layers: four live sources, one frame and one logo.

In a seamless native matrix mode, Di-VentiX II offers an 8x2 scaled matrix with seamless switching. It also offers eight universal analogue inputs including four fitted with digital DVI and SDI.

With 100 per cent digital processing, the product outputs digital and analogue signals in SDI, DVI and VGA (RGBHV) simultaneously with a selection of many formats from HDTV to Computer 2K.

Multi-Screen Edge Blending can be achieved by linking multiple Di-VentiX II, updated with the Cross Blender II option.

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