Analog Way Picturall media servers add SPX graphics and Vioso projection calibration tools

Analog Way has added Softpix’s SPX real-time graphics and Vioso projection calibration tools in its software release 3.5 for Picturall media servers.

The integration adds new applications, including panoramic cylinder projections or immersive projection domes.

The Softpix integration adds a range of pre-made graphics templates, enabling customers to show and edit graphics and text on live shows and fixed installations.

The SPX integration adds a template pack of ten templates, including name starps, news tickers, countdown clocks, sponsor carousels and other graphics. Template colours and fonts can also be themed with CSS style sheets.

Customisation is possible for specific projects and complex interactions with third-party systems, including a customer’s intranet, dynamic statistical graphs and traffic control systems.

The Vioso calibration tools enable support of complex, multi-projector installations and automatic recalibration of projector alignment using one or multiple remotely controlled cameras.

Users will be able to playback large video content, driving immersive 360 degrees projection domes or panoramic cylinder projections from one Picturall media server.

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