Analog Way Picturall media server software update bolsters media processing

Analog Way released version 3.0 of its software for the Picturall series of media servers, advancing media processing and programming flexibility.

The software now supports cue tracking, the NotchLC video codec, NewTek NDI version 4.5, and virtual displays as well as a new web-based media manager and a free AWX encoder plug-in for Adobe Creative Cloud.

Cue tracking allows users to jump from one cue to another in the cue stack, while considering all changes recorded between these two cues and adding them to the final result. A user can directly trigger the cue that is needed in the show and the system checks the cues for parameter changes and applies them automatically. The same result is obtained as if the cues were executed in a sequence.

Support of the GPU-powered NotchLC video codec from Notch enables delivery of up to 10-bit colour depth giving clean gradients. In its largest configuration, a Picturall media server can playback 1x 8K@60Hz or 4x 4K@60Hz video files with the Excellent encoding setting.

The support for NewTek NDI version 4.5 technology increases the decoding speed. It offers improved video quality and shorter time required to discover the NDI streams on the network.

Support of virtual displays allows any physical output to be split into multiple virtual displays that will be seen as completely independent displays in the control user interface. This feature is designed for complex, non-continuous LED installations. 

The web-based media manager offers an easy access point for non-professional users to create and modify playlists for preconfigured playback.

An AWX encoder plug-in for Adobe Creative Cloud offers direct AWX export capabilities to Adobe Media Encoder and Adobe Premiere. AWX is a proprietary graphics card accelerated codec for Analog Way Picturall media servers recommended when the performance requirements for the installations or events exceed typical requirements such as 4K60. AWX codec is, for example, capable of handling video playback of over 100 megapixels in one chassis.

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