Analog Way highlights updates to LivePremier platform at ISE 2023

Analog Way has presented new updates to its LivePremier platform alongside showing its existing product range.

A new eight-HDMI input card is available with eight full-size HDMI 1.4 connectors. Each port of ths input card can receive audio/video sgnals up to 2560x1600@60Hz or up to 4K@30Hz and is compatible with HDCP and advanced EDID management.

The new input card can be combined with any other input cards to allow up to 32 inputs on a 4RU chassis and up to 48 inputs on a 5RU chassis. All intensive switching and routing can also be covered without requiring external matrix routers.

Hybrid input card

Analog Way has also launched a hybrid input card for LivePremier, equipped with one 2.5G Ethernet port and four 12G-SDI inputs. The input card has four input streams that can be individually configured as either NDI full bandwidth or 12G-SDI.

Operators can use the web RCS control interface to search through a list of available NDI sources on the network and select the ones which route and decode to the IP-SDI input card.

LINK feature

Analog Way has announced the LINK feature for the LivePremier platform, allowing users to interconnect up to four units, no matter the type and size. This allows the system to act as a unique larger device controlled up one single web RCS.

The LINK function allows up to 16 inputs to be shared between linked units; a second LINK card can optionally be added to each Aquilon, with the LINK card accepting various types of cabling covering all distances up to 2km.

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