Analog Way extends switcher range

Analog Way has extended its switcher range with Eikos, a high-resolution seamless switcher with four scalers.

Eikos offers up to 12 inputs including four fitted with SDI and two fitted with DVI-D. With 100 per cent digital processing, Eikos outputs digital and analogue signals in DVI and VGA (RGBHV) simultaneously with a selection of many formats from HDTV to Computer 2K. Eikos offers three different operating modes: Multi Layer Mixer, 12 by 2 Seamless Native Matrix and QuadraVision modes.

In Multi Layer Mixer mode and thanks to its full frame and logo memory, Eikos can display up to six layers: three live sources, one frame and two logos. Up to two PIPs can be displayed on a live background, or three PIPs on a still background. Live Layers can be customised by the users with various attributes: Borders, Movements, Zoom, Cut, Fade, Wipe, Slide and Smooth Move.
Several other new effects are also available and can be combined during transitions (circle, size up and down, depth effects, flying PIP, flying zoom, crop, etc.).

Eikos uses one output as a preview and the other, the main output, for the audience. In addition to a classic preview, Eikos offers a still mosaic full preview function. This function enables easy and fast monitoring of the sources by displaying simultaneously still images of the 12 sources being handled by Eikos.

Eikos offers a 12 x 2 scaled native matrix with true seamless switching. The switch between any of the 12 inputs can be in cut or fade and synchronised on the two outputs.

In addition, up to two PIPs can be added on a still background in Matrix mode. A mirror function allows to display a PIP sent on the first output on the second output. The PIP size and position are automatically restored on the second display, reducing the number of manipulations for the operator.

Eikos offers a QuadraVision mode allowing the display of four computer or video sources on the main output. The display of the four windows can be done according to four different pre-programmed presets with different window sizes and positions available. Different effects and transitions are also available to manage the windows (zoom, cut, fade, wipe, slide, smooth move, etc.).

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