Analog Way debuts VIO 4K converter at GITEX 2015

Analog Way is exhibiting at the GITEX 2015 exhibition (Booth #308) in Dubai and is presenting the VIO 4K, a multi-format converter, for the first time.

VIO 4K is a multi-format converter is natively equipped with 7 inputs, and enables the conversion of a multitude of signals including: Dual-link DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI, 6G-SDI Optical, and universal analog, into an array of output signal formats up to 4K 30Hz.

VIO 4K includes three slots for optional I/O modules, two for video processing with capacity to handle formats up to 4K 60Hz 4:4:4, and one for audio processing with XLR connectors.

VIO 4K features 9 inputs and 3 outputs and is adapted for non-standard signal management, notably for LED walls.  VIO 4K offers features and functionalities such as output rotation, advanced management of the area of interest and unlimited layer resizing capabilities.  

At GITEX the Ascender 48-4K will also be shown featuring a  new  operating  mode,  the  Perspective Layers.

Available as an option for all Ascender 48-4K units, including units already in the field, Perspective Layers allow animation  of  live  layers  with  a  virtual  viewing  perspective  in  real  time  with  X,Y,Z  axis  rotation  control.  In Perspective mode, the Ascender 48-4K can display 3 Perspective Layers per output plus a native background.

Using the Monitoring output, the operator can display the Perspective Layers on a preview in real time in order to see and arrange all layers and presets.

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