Analog Way announces Orchestra² remote controller

Analog Way has launched Orchestra², a revamped remote console designed to control a selection of Analog Way’s mixers/seamless switchers.

Orchestra² allows control of several generations of Analog Way’s switchers, including the Di-VentiX II, Eikos, Pulse as well as the new Midra series such as the Saphyr, Pulse² and QuickVu. In total, the Orchestra² is compatible with 16 Switchers from Analog Way.

Orchestra² can manage, independently or simultaneously, several switchers, either as stand-alone boxes or in combination, including Soft Edge Blending.  It controls up to 6 independent screen configurations in different locations and stores up to 64 presets per screen configuration.

The Console comes with a new design and a Quick Frame button was added to control the Midra series. Orchestra² features off-line programming enabling programming of the Console
when seamless switchers are not connected. In addition, the Remote Console features the new Snap function, a tool to help quickly position layers.

Analog Way will start shipping the Orchestra² in May 2014.

Orchestra and Axion2 owners will be able to download the new firmware on Analog Way’s website ensuring compatibility with the Midra series.

The Quick Frame key will be available upon request by contacting Analog Way’s Technical Support teams.