AMX SVSi ships encoder/decoder set

AMX has announced shipping of the NMX-ENC-N1133 Encoder and NMX-DEC-N1233 Decoder after its purchase of SVSi in June 2015.

N1000 Encoders and Decoders provide a local AV over IP switching system that packetises video into a minimally compressed IP format to create a matrix switcher using off-the-shelf layer-3 network switches.

These models feature improved digital pixel reproduction and reduced latency to 10-ms for gigabit links. Packetised video streams remain visually lossless throughout distribution and arrive instantly.

The models have separate HDMI and VGA/RGB inputs, support PoE and add a new SFP port. The SFP fibre path allows video to be routed on a fibre-only network and extend signals beyond the reach of category cable.

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