AMX ships Modero X Series touchpanels

AMX Modero X Series touchpanels - a series of frameless, panoramic and widescreen displays - are now available. The control solution combines edge-to-edge glass and capacitive multi-touch.

The products are designed to allow users to access several applications with minimal navigation and offer the ability to manage multiple video windows simultaneously. The interface is intuitive and designed for unskilled users.

Modero X tabletop models include integrated high definition cameras for video chat and conferencing. They also provide Bluetooth and USB external phone connections, high definition video streaming and support for NFC.



AMX is releasing the 20.3" and 19.4" panoramic models, in tabletop and wall-mounted options. The 20.3" model measures 18.7" wide and 7.75" tall. The 19.4" model measures 18.7" wide and 5.15" tall.

The three additional Modero X Series models, in 4.3", 7" and 10" widescreen, will begin shipping in the second quarter of 2012.

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